Who we are

GDS ‘s activity in building electronics began in 1996 and in its current legal form exists since 1999.
The company covers the whole range of building electronics and provides solutions so that all subsystems of a building work harmoniously with each other to function as one system. The vision “One building – one System” is served at every company’s step.

GDS ‘main goal is the customer to talking to only one company for all building electromechanicall and electronic systems. To achieve this goal GDS invests with a high level of know-how and specialized staff. Always aware of energy saving issues, it has been applying techniques in this direction since its foundation and today gathers top know-how in this field. After 7 international awards for the application of smart building technology, GDS has exceeded the Greek borders operating today and in the wider area of ​​London, while it is called to offer its services in Cyprus, Italy, Dubai, Egypt and Monaco.

The core of GDS is its know-how and the scientific background of its core engineering personnel. It started with its founder’s vision to combine computer science with buildings. The choice is clear and non-negotiable. Computer and mathematical models for safety, energy saving and ease of use. Nothing in chance – all modelled to work properly and efficiently. Each project is different and unique. Each project is our child we support. Each technical solution efficient, adapted to the specific building’s and users needs . The final result always with an optimal balance of cost and performance. Today, the buildings built by GDS, have a high added value only bearing the well-known name of the company. A job that offers joy through creation. GDS resists market stereotypes and sales pursuits only for sales and invests in deep know-how.
This choice brought awards, distinctions and international recognition. Thus, it switched to the design of automation devices and methodologies and went beyond the national borders. Today, it is one of the 550 companies worldwide developing KNX technology and devices.
GDS is led by a team of carefully selected engineers who cover in theory and know-how the areas in which the company operates. They efficiently lead and guide the technical team and through international collaborations ensure an excellent result of cost, performance and aesthetics.