Because We Have High Quality Scientific Knowledge

We know deeply every aspect we touch and we insist on the theoretical background that governs its operation. Informatics, mathematics and electronics / electrology are our main scientific areas. We are not mere technicians applying what others design. We know how and why and not just how a technique is applied. GDS participated in the design of the first microchips for smart building technology also used in KNX systems. We have one of the few KNX trainers trainer in the world. We are always informed with the latest developments and products but also the next plans of technology through our participation in the Board of KNX Greece. KNX on its page rates us with the top know-how rating.

Because We Are Consistent And Meticulous

If there is one thing we are striving for, it is to include the projects in clear schedules. The company has an experienced secretariat for project coordination and monitoring and no project deviates from its schedules due to GDS. GDS is bind not to undertake a project that cannot fit to its current obligations. We always insist and push for the creation of as built plans and technical documentation and we actively participate in it. There is absolute order in GDS works and the importance of detail is sometimes exaggerated

Because We Support Our Projects For Ever

The over 2200 projects that we have completed, are our children that we adore because each one is unique and in it we have put our knowledge and our soul. We offer one of the best building technical support contracts with clear response times. Our first building back in 1996, is still evolving today. The ability we have to combine different technical specialties, makes us an Onestop company since we can detect problems from different specialties and coordinate their solution. We have strong collaborations directly with the largest manufacturers of electronic automation devices and electrical board makers who support us in delivery times, at excellent prices but also with technical support.