tirana cultural center

An installation that includes
Reading room
Arts venues

Air conditioning

Of particular interest is the opera, which is heated by pre-conditioned fresh air drained from millions of tiny holes in the floor.
This methodology ensures the supply of fresh air but also amazing energy savings, since the feeling of temperature is immediate since it comes from the floor and thus does not require preheating of the space. Cooling is done respectively from the roof
The control system, measures the oxygen in the space and adjusts the supply temperature and air speed with precision
The lighting system is operated by the control center and supports lights controlled by KNX, DALI and DMX
The visualization system integrates them and the operators operate them in a conceptual way.
Translation of DALI and KNX into DMX has also been implemented. Thus, the operators of a theater, operate the conventional lights from their theater consoles as if they were DMX