robot leaning over a control panel

Smart KNX programming

Many people think that KNX programming is to program the lights and shutters of the switch buttons to work and to be able to adjust their heating and air conditioning.
No it’s not that.
It is the implementation of the automation study in a way that is understandable to the users.
The greater the success of a control system, the fewer commands the user has to give by pressing
keys to perform basic building functions. It primarily requires the developer to know
what he is doing because in fact it determines the ease with which users will interact
with the building and the correct implementation of functions in order to better utilise
the installed equipment and the smooth operation of the mechanical equipment.
Wrong programming can seemingly lead to a functional building,
but it will cause damage or consume unreasonably high energy.
At GDS, we believe in simple functions that perform complex things
and that the user should not have to worry about the detail of their operation.
The user just needs to say:

I operate the shading systems
I want more / less light
I want a room temperature of 24 degrees
I leave the building
I return to the building