TENSE Switches

TENSE switches are the jewel of the switch market. They are offered for both conventional installation and KNX installation. They are handmade switches for individual projects with excellent finish and durability. They are made of real materials (Metal, Glass, Corian, Wood, Marble). TENSE can produce custom switches from materials or colours suggested by the customers. Corian switches can be produced in any RAL colour. In the KNX version, the LED indicators on the switches are RGB type and they are programmed according to the function they perform or the condition they display. The light intensity of the LED indicators is also selectable during the operation of the switch. The programmer can adjust it, depending on the brightness of the space or the scenario being executed (e.g. sleep, day of absence, etc.). All TENSE switches in the KNX version have a built-in temperature measurement and a room temperature control thermostat

Materials for Switches and Sockets

TENSE Switches

TENSE Switches with Screen

TENSE Switches with iPad

Black aluminum 8 button switch with ipad

8 Fold Black Aluminum