These are two houses that alternate vertically and asymmetrically on the individual floors.
That is, on one floor in one house belongs the right part, on the other the left part, in the next two floors the right part etc …
They have a shared elevator
The challenge in this project was to manage the privacy of the two owners who when moving with the elevator must ensure that they move safely alone only in their own home.
A special controller was developed that manages the elevator taking into account where it was called from, its destination and the presence of people inside it.
Special cases require great care such as not meeting two owners in the elevator when moving in their home, as well as the management of visitors
In the residences are controlled:
Electric shutters and shading systems
Management of production and distribution of domestic hot water with predictive consumption models and maximum utilization of the solar installation
Air quality and ventilation measurements
Traffic detection in public areas, flats, garages and stairwells and adjustment of lighting
Fire detection
Receiving and distributing terrestrial and satellite signal for Greek and foreign channels