The villa of 1200 sq.m. was built in Menalo in a spruce area of ​​35 acres
The location of the building was such that it could not be serviced directly by public networks and so we turned to renewables and a generator
At the heart of the system is a battery installation with 200KW inverters. The complex charging system ensures that the renewable sources are drained and that the generator and the oil boiler operate automatically whenever needed.
The building lives and breathes alone in the forest.
Water is collected from the roofs, treated and stored in huge tanks.
Pumps and pressure switches are driven and controlled
The huge heated indoor pool retains its view of the city of Vytina even when the outside temperature is -20 degrees as the windows are not blurred. The automatic dehumidification system that we control, takes care of the recovery of the liquefaction and their lead to the water tanks and for the recovery of heat during the entry of fresh air from the environment
They are controlled
Air conditioning
Floor heating
De-icing control of internal roads of the plot through underfloor heating of balconies and stairs
All rooms have touch screens that control the rooms and all audiovisuals along with the private film storage
All the operation of the building, the indications measurements and Alarms are accessible from afar via internet.
Ground and satellite signal reception and distribution system