The complex was created for rent in vips with the strictest specifications in terms of safety and ease of use, English office that initially managed it
Customers who rent villas need to be able to operate them without the need for training.
The KNX system and the universal control of everything, came to simplify things.
The installation works on the basis of scenarios that are applied in each space separately and in the whole installation
Although there are many lighting circuits, the guests simply turn on and off the lights of each room and raise / lower the level of light intensity either with the push of a button in the room, or from the touch screens that work with photos of the rooms. The linearization of the function of the different luminaires, allows one to increase and decrease the lighting without altering the homogeneity of the lighting in the space.
DAIKIN air conditioners are operated in a fully automated way. The guests simply choose the temperature.
All the functions of the building are supervised in detail from a distance and the owners are always able to help the guests but also to diagnose faults and to plan regular maintenance.
Lighting, shading, air conditioning control, air quality measurements, generator with automatic switching and complete control of operating parameters.
Audio / video control
Fire detection control
Automatic presence detection in spaces and adjustment of lighting and air conditioning function
Camera and environmental surveillance system
Electricity and water consumption measurements
Water leak detection
Fire detection system
Fire extinguishing system with automatic identification and switching to network, water tanks and swimming pool
Automatic creation of a maintenance list of the installed equipment based on the performance measurements and the instructions of the manufacturers