Lighting control
Air conditioning control
Electric blinds control
Air conditioning control
Ventilation and fresh air control and energy recovery control
Air quality control (CO2 O2 and humidity)
Office presence recognition and lighting / air conditioning activation
Automatic control of electric blinds to manage the thermal energy of the sun. Reflection in summer – channeling into the building in winter.
Constant lighting compensation in relation to the external prevailing brightness (Constant lighting)
Traffic detection in hallways and WC and automatic lighting operation
Generator and switch control
Electricity consumption measurements
Projectors / electric screens in presentation and meeting rooms
Music sound system and announcements
Automatic evacuation system of the building that gives instructions by speech in combination with the fire detection and gradually evacuates the building to avoid the accumulation of people in the stairwell
Ip Cameras – Digital Network Recorder
Receive and distribute terrestrial and satellite signal
Central UPS