One of the applications that shows that we do not stop anywhere.
An old mine 512m long at 850m altitude on Mount Parnassos was turned into a museum.
GDS collaborated with an artist from the School of Fine Arts who created dummies of existing miners
With the help of the mine, explosions were created for exhibits.
GDS designed and manufactured the visual, audio and electromechanical effects.
All the audio and the narration in 8 languages ​​were created in a special studio.
Miners are heard talking and working, explosions occur, smoke comes out, until rocks fall and rubble appears.
To achieve the goal, GDS designed a series of its own controllers and electromechanical constructions.
Special KNX watertight devices were used to control the lighting and sound.
A central controller and software developed by GDS, implement a programming language defined by GDS in order to synchronize sound, light and mechanical movements to achieve realism.
The whole system monitors air quality. It measures carbon monoxide and gives an alarm, it measures carbon dioxide and based on its concentration, it accelerates or slows down huge 120KW fans each in order to save energy. The huge power inverters were supplied, installed, adjusted and driven by GDS.
Everything relies on KNX as an information carrier.
The whole system is monitored by a visualization system that includes automatic fault diagnosis. The visualization system was written from scratch by GDS in Visual Studio without the use of any visualization platform. The result is absolute reliability, speed and synchronization with millisecond accuracy and the fulfillment of the customer’s wishes to 100% without restrictions.