Lighting, air conditioning, shading control. Central visualization and visualization of rooms
For us these are the trivial.
The special achievement in this project is the dynamic power management
The challenge was difficult because restrictions imposed the operation of the unit at half power. Thus, the investment was at risk.
Here came the math and clever algorithms to save the situation once again.
GDS has developed an intelligent room detection system and an algorithm for continuously changing the power of the air conditioning units in the rooms, which is also the center of energy costs. Rooms that do not have a person inside, go out. Both the lighting and the air conditioning are turned off
The rest of the rooms are arranged in a service queue based on the difference required temperature – prevailing. The air conditioning units are supplied with the appropriate information to operate at the calculated power which is allowed by the total available. In fact, it reduces the slope of the air conditioner response curve and therefore consumes less power. This of course means that the desired result is achieved in more time. A side achievement is the significant reduction of electricity consumed by the hotel, since energy is power over time. Thus, with half the power, at the same time of operation of the hotel, we theoretically have a 50% reduction in energy. Of course this is theoretical, since neither the operation of the air conditioners is linear, nor are we allowed to interrupt constant loads. Thus, we measured a 38% reduction in the hotel’s electricity.