Lighting control
Air conditioning control
Heating control
Electric roller shutter and shading control
Ambient lighting control
Boiler room control and hot water production in collaboration with solar panels
Automatic procedures for assisting underfloor heating by the solar installation and energy management.
Integrate KNX alarm for automatic tamper prevention scenarios and shutter position recognition
Visualization in floor plans
Mobile-specific visualization
Central control from fixed screens in each room
Mimic diagrams of energy flow and boiler room operation
Recording and statistics of energy consumption from various sources
Automatic day – afternoon – night scenarios and user – defined scenarios
Of particular interest in this installation is the management of solar based on open circuit
Calculates and controls the flow rate so that we have the optimal utilization of the collectors.
The automation system takes care to fill the solar panels and keep them full in order to avoid the consumption of emptying / filling energy due to dynamic energy (due to height difference). This function takes into account the overheating of the system and the solar during the summer months and maintains a safe balance while during the frost days, it takes care of the defrosting of the solar so they do not break from the ice.
For the implementation of this installation, GDS calculated the hydraulic network with all the necessary active and passive components.