A house of 250 square meters overlooking the Acropolis that has it all
Lighting control
Control of electric shutters and awnings
Automatic shading scenarios by measuring brightness and calculating shading from neighboring buildings
Heating and air conditioning control
Detection of presence in rooms and public areas and adjustment of heating and air conditioning lighting
Automatic absence recognition from home and automatic activation of absence scenarios. The smart algorithm distinguishes between
short-term and long-term absence and performs automated procedures involving all controlled systems.
Automatic cooling / heating switch based on the prevailing outside temperature and season.
Boiler room control
Testing of solar panels
Boiler heating with predictable consumption models
Water temperature selection in sinks and bathtubs from touch screen in the bathroom
Receiving and distributing terrestrial and satellite signal of Greek and foreign channels.
CCTV and integration of cameras in the visualization system
Multiroom audio-video control
TV and audio control
Digital private library control
Alarm and alarm control from touch screens
Alarm control. The alarm is integrated in KNX and uses KNX motion and presence sensors
The house is controlled by touch screens in selected areas
Installation visualization. Each space has its own touch screen. Some areas have detachable wireless touch screens.