The owner said:
I want to live in this house. I do not want to deal with this house
And we implemented it
Automatic movement recognition on stairs and corridors
Automatic presence detection in rooms and automatic adjustment of heating and air conditioning lighting according to presence
Generator and switch management
Shading control with scenarios and automatic shadow calculation based on the season, date and time
Alarm management and cooperation with KNX in the display of electrical shutter conditions and the operation of heating and air conditioning
Automatic security lighting scenarios when a security breach is detected and specific phones are alerted
Automatic adjustment of pool temperature and PH
Automatic watering based on the measured soil moisture
Closed circuit television
Fire detection and extinguishing system with the possibility of remote control of the direction of the fire brigade
Control of boiler room, solar and hot water with energy priority in solar
Fast data network and Internet with vlans for efficient bandwidth management
Receive and distribute terrestrial and satellite signal
Audiovisual – Multiroom audio-video
Automatic creation of equipment maintenance directory